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April 23rd, 2012 | Posted by Gregoire Michaud in Daily life...

There are very few magazines that are really supporting and uplifting the pastry and bakery industry; and one of them is Pastry & Baking Magazine.

The magazine, available in its North American version or in its Asia Middle-East version has been a great support for the pastry and bakery arts around the globe. Recently, they have revamped their website with an excellent new design and layout; and best of all, they’ve made all their past AND current issues available in e-format available for anyone for free!

I gave it a try myself by registering on the website and it took me at least 38 seconds to be registered and be able to browse through hundreds of different articles, recipes and great coverage (Notably that one! ;) ) I found the website super easy to use and simple to navigate through all the online material. By registering, you get access to both version of the magazine, so you can see what is going on in North America, Asia and Middle East – that’s A LOT to read and it gives you a fairly good overall vision of the current happenings in the pastry and bakery world.

If you’re a passionate baker or pastry chef, I think it’s a great website to have in your bookmarks!


PS: No, I am not affiliated nor paid by the magazine for the above feature – I genuinely think the magazine is truly worth reading! :)

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  • Joanna

    Wow thanks for sharing that Gregoire.  How kind of you :) 

    • Gregoire Michaud

      You’re welcome Joanna – I think the guys at the magazine took a great initiative to open it to public! :-)

  • Daisy

    Hahhaa i’ve been a little addicted reading all the recipes :) now i just need to improve on my skills and make the time to actually try some of the recipes :D thanks for sharing Greg! hope you’re feeling much better now! 

    • Gregoire Michaud

      Feeling much better now, thanks a lot Daisy! I recovered my full appetite! ;) LOL

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