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March 18th, 2012 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

The last time Cheryl visited, we sure had a lot of fun! She came back to say hi and needless to say that a proper welcome was due!

I threw the Easter factor and my addiction to Twitter in a big bowl of white chocolate and that’s what came out of it an hour later! Little Twitter Chicks with different eye expressions. I did it for fun at first and the more I was doing it, the more I was picturing so many ways to customize them. I actually thought about using freeze-dried blueberry in the chocolate for the base egg, and then sprayed in blue, so that it would actually make sense to have blue color birds… if you ask me, blue is rather uncommon for Easter chicks and it doesn’t really call my stomach to eat. Then again, if it would have a nice hint of blueberry, why not!

After the man in black, here comes the bird in blue!

 If you are familiar with the patisserie world, you will know where the eyes come from! ;)

The naughty look: Don't mess with me!

When I showed the photos to my son Clement, he said “Waouh!! Angry birds!” And I said no… it’s the Twitter bird. He wasn’t convinced, but maybe it’s just because he’s not yet on Twitter :)

The pretty & cute look

The gang, ready to roll!

More chocolate creations are on the way! Stay tuned! :)

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