Easter 2012 Chocolate Creations

March 30th, 2012 | Posted by Gregoire Michaud in Daily life...

After the Twitter Chicks posted a few weeks ago, here is a glimpse of our other Easter creations…

Blooming Egg

White chocolate








I can't hold any longer!!! HELP!! :)

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  • Tracey@Tangled Noodle

    Each one is incredible, but the Twitter birds are beyond cute!!

    • greg

      Thank you so much Tracey! :)
      Looking forward to welcome you back to HK!

    • http://gregoiremichaud.com Gregoire Michaud

      Thanks Tracey! :)
      Looking forward welcoming you back in HK soon!

  • http://travellingfoodies.wordpress.com/ Alan

    heh heh heh…. they certainly look cranky!

    • http://gregoiremichaud.com Gregoire Michaud

       They’ve been complaining all the time, especially Phil who is at the bottom! ;) LOL

  • http://twitter.com/DaisyNTSFM Daisy

    OMG these look amazing :) I really like the Twitter birds hehe wayyyy too cute to eat ~ yum yum!

    • http://gregoiremichaud.com Gregoire Michaud

       Merci Daisy! :)

  • http://thesweetspot.com.my/ Swee San

    the twitter birds are so cute!! Phil can’t take it anymore! ppfftt.. 
    Haven’t done any chocolate displays for a long time since leaving pastry school. always freaks me out!

    • http://gregoiremichaud.com Gregoire Michaud

      Yes, I think Phil is tired! :)
      I’m not crazy about displays to be honest, but much more interested in edible food! ;)
      We spend so much time to make it and somehow it always ends up broken…

  • Snappygourmet

    These are incredible!!!!  You must have a lot of patience!!  I don’t think I’d last 5 minutes trying to make these not that I could make any of this even if I wanted to.  :)

    • http://gregoiremichaud.com Gregoire Michaud

      Thank you Snappygourmet! :)
      It’s actually fairly good to calm down and stay focus for a long time on very fragile things. The point is that we spend a lot of time on it, but they will only stay for 4 days during Easter… and next year, we start again! :)

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