Does Easter bunny lay eggs?

March 16th, 2012 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

This year’s Easter sweets are going to be fruity and flowery!

Blueberry and vanilla egg

For our traditional Easter sweet table, presented during afternoon tea, we have created loads of sweets around the theme of flower and fruit. Some pastries are made with actual flower such as the orange blossom cake, and others are just designed around the flower and fruit theme. Here are a few samples of what we have made…

Strawberry & lime egg pops

Cassis macaron

Orange blossom cake (The flower is made of shortbread!)

Even our hot cross buns took a flower shape!

Vanilla and chocolate shortbreads

And as you’re reading this, we are already tempering tons of chocolate, drawing sketches and molding shapes for this year’s Easter chocolate collection! Keep posted :)

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