Dessert and flowers for Valentine’s day!

February 10th, 2012 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

To celebrate this year’s commercial lovely tradition of Valentine’s Day, I thought we had  to give hearts a rest. Instead, I thought nice to give this year’s creation a bit of a floral touch based on the “deeply-in-love” red velvet cake!

A long and very thin slice of red velvet cake, the classic type, laying down. An unctuous raspberry sorbet, fresh raspberries, baby shiso leaves and dried Damascus rose petals (the crop, not from the actual messed-up city in Syria). The white round things? They are nothing less than liquified cheesecake in spheres (pretty awesome feeling to eat that I tell you!) All of this decorated with pink almond praline grounded into a fine powder and baked as a wild form of ‘petals’.

Very smooth and oozing dessert for a sweet Valentine’s! ;)

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