TV show: Farm-to-table, homegrown and delicious lemon tart!

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What a great day it has been! From the planning, receiving the goods, preparing each step carefully to finally do the filming of the upcoming gourmet show for Hong Kong’s main TV channel TVB Jade’s was just positively intense!

I mean wow! How more lucky can I be! I had to make a dessert of my choice for the show and quite simply, I thought about a dessert that would make a lot of sense in Hong Kong. Of course, it had to be a western dessert since it’s my side of the job (+ I think I wouldn’t make a very nice tofu fa!). Anyhow, I wanted to feature what I see as a trend for the coming year and I hope for the future. I tried to feature as much organic and locally grown ingredients in the same dish. So pretty much everything in my lemon and ginger tart has been homegrown in Hong Kong!

The lads at Homegrown Foods were very helpful, professional, and got all the ingredients wrapped up in a matter of days. Organic lemons, basil, thyme, roselle in honey and even strawberries – everything was confirmed. I also wanted to use musical eggs, not fully organic, but locally produced. However, it was not possible to get hold of those eggs due to the H5N1 alert at the time. So I used US organic eggs for the occasion.

The dessert was a slow baked lemon and ginger tart, fresh herbs burnt meringue and sweet strawberry sorbet. Fresh, clean and seasonal – Hong Kong seasonal that is. Alan, the handsome host of the show helped me along to prepare the dessert. It was fun, interactive and definitely a great experience to see what is going on behind the scene of a TV show!

Homegrown Foods delivery, superb quality, local and organic produces!

The lemon tart is baked at very low temperature in a shut off oven, it makes it silky smooth and goes so well with the fresh herbs scents of the meringue and the sweet strawberry sorbet decorated with honey pickled roselle, candied lemon zest (from the same lemon I squeezed the juice from) and fresh baby basil leaves which I kept a few while doing the basil oil for the meringue.

A nice dessert made with fresh, homegrown and local ingredients is possible. I really hope this could become more than just a trend… I hope it will start and stay here for good. 

I am not aware of the broadcasting date yet, but I’ve heard it is going to be at 8 p.m. on a Sunday night, prime time!! I will be sure to let you know the date as soon as announced!

Alan, the host of the show walked away with Got cheese? and La Boulangerie! ;)

It even gave me an extra boost for photography! (photo from Raymond Kwong)

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