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Got Cheese? and La Boulangerie! 

Great team work can move mountains!

A few weeks ago, I was thrilled and very humbled to have received awards for both books. The awards were respectively best cheese book and best bread book in Hong Kong. That said, I am taking this very lightly as I am not sure there was anyone else publishing a book on cheese or bread in Hong Kong! This award qualify my books to go for the second round competing for “Best in the World” award. With the heavyweight bread and cheese books that came out in 2011, I am fairly sure that I won’t need to fly to Paris in March to attend the ceremony at the Follies Bergeres Theatre, but hey! It’s the greatest feeling in the world to have my books standing next to Chad Robertson’s Tartine book or next to all of those French cheese books!

La Boulangerie and the award for best bread book in Hong Kong

Whatever the scope of these awards may be, it feels good to be recognized and when I received the awards, not by a beautiful host, but by courier services, it made me very proud. As a team, we worked very hard to create, innovate and pull out a great deal of work in all the books published over the past 5 years.

A big thank you to my team for which I am immensely grateful!

Got Cheese? and the award for best cheese book in Hong Kong

Finally, the books couldn’t be what they are without the beautiful photographic work of Johnny Han. We get along really well together and the chemistry blend resulted in superb photos! All of this edited and worked out by Cecilia from Wan Li Book Company – Thank you!

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