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January 15th, 2012 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

Chef's menu

Last night, I had the luck to be invited for dinner at the very creative Bo Innovation restaurant, holder of two Michelin Stars, headed by “Demon” Chef Alvin Leung. And even more lucky me, I was seating at a table together with Chef Jordi Puigvert, owner of Sweet’n’Go, teacher, Sosa demo chef and much more, which happens to also be featured in So Good magazine #7. What a small world!

This is not a review of my dinner there…

But I’ve found very interesting the innovation behind the food from Alvin and for sure, even if the photos are from my phone, I think they’re worth being shared! Alvin is using new techniques and special blend of flavor to feature classic Chinese cuisine.

A few courses are missing on the photos as I was too busy with the wine! :)

Pancetta and English mustard "Gai Dan Jai"


Toro Tuna, tomato foam, spring onion oil

Sweet potato puree and deep-fried taro + caviar = super good!!

Morel mushroom noodles and Spanish ham


Spanish red prawn with dried Chinese prawn mayonnaise and noodles

Cherry tomato in sweet vinegar, tomato wonton, spring onion marshmallow

The famous xia long bao copycat!

Lobster, sea urchin, bisque crisp, chanterelle mushroom

Bresse Chicken (sous-vide), 7 years aged acquerello rice, jus

"Bolo bau" dessert - spiced pineapple, butter ice cream, egg yolk crust

Orange chocolate filled with bitter almond cream

If I had to say what I thought about my experience there, it’s very simple. You need to know your basic in Chinese/Cantonese food to understand most of the special ingredients used. Our Spanish and Belgian guests didn’t necessarily understand the origin and or the sense of dried shrimps for example. Yet, the waiters were professional in explaining a little story of each special ingredient, showing it in real, which helped a lot for people who didn’t know what it was all about. That said, the cooking of each dish was perfectly done, i.e.: temperature, doneness, flavors and so on were really what it was meant to be. I’ve found the creativity behind the dishes to be very clever and certainly worth the experience.


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