Media Christmas party 2011: The Red & White Candy Bar

December 13th, 2011 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

Sunday morning, as I walk down to the plaza, the sun is shining. Yet the strong northerly wind blowing on my face reminds me that the thermometer doesn’t go much higher than a shy 8 degrees on that day. I thought it couldn’t be possible with our Christmas media party coming up the next day!

Chef Ringo setting up the bar

Luckily, Aeolus was on our side as the wind calmed down on Monday giving a chance to the sun to warm up the atmosphere a few hours prior the start of the celebration. Claire Blackshaw, our talented PR director had worked out the perfect plan for the evening and even thought about adding heaters amongst the tables to make sure our invitees would feel comfortable in the stunning alfresco setting of Central Hong Kong.

During the afternoon, we’ve been building the cupcake tower and the macaron mountain while listening to that video. The only thing that was missing was for us to trade our chef’s hat with Santa’s red hat! We had a lot of fun preparing everything and I think it showed in our final candy bar setup.

Red velvet macaron almost as tall as the IFC tower! :)

While the kitchen was barbequing loads of classic cuts, we had a blast at setting up our red and white candy bar. Cupcakes, meringues, yule logs, lollipops, poached pears and a myriad of other sweets. The temperature was just right to keep our creation in good shape.

Added to a few delicious cups of apple cider, hot chocolate or mulled wine, the party was well under way!

The setup on the actual bar by the pool

The kitchen charcoal grilling

Splendid mulled wine poached pears

Yuzu Vanilla Yule Log

Coconut meringue

Strawberry hibiscus (roselle) capsules

iPhone photo :)

With a superb weather and a view over the Ritz-Carlton hotel!

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