Mango everything, yogurt capsules and malt crumble

December 12th, 2011 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

The legacy of style left a few weeks ago by our guest chef Robert Jakobsson inspired me to create a dessert for a one-off event following the same philosophy…

This time around, I used a Mango parfait made with a Thermomix. It gives a very smooth melting texture to the parfait while eating it. Underneath the parfait is a kaffir lime mango semi-pris made by infusing the kaffir lime leaves in the mango puree and set with a bit of pectin.

The white capsules are made of pure Greek-style yogurt, frozen in half sphere and dipped in a special jelly. The yogurt brought a nice balancing touch to the dish. The black currant coulis is made of pure cassis blended with pectin and glucose. Also, to add a bit of texture, I added dark malt crumble – just a regular crumble mixed with liquid dark malt.

Finally, and for a fresh touch, I added a few fresh Philippines mango slices and a few leaves of baby sorrel. It all came out very fresh and clean with a nice contrast of colors and textures.

Overall, I must say that I am not a fan of “dirt” (i.e.: The malt crumble) – but for that type of concept, I think it fits the purpose – it’s a fun dish! :)

I took the photo just before the dishes went out with my phone, so the quality is kind of “from-the-action”!

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6 Responses

  • Natnatf says:

    Chef: my mouth is watering! It sounds so nice to me about the “Mango Parfait with the flavor from the Kaffir Lime Leaves” it must be very refreshing!!! I like this dessert!

  • Colette says:

    Sounds great!I’m curious about the greek yoghurt capsules enclosed in a jelly layer..i imagine that as you break through the jelly, the creamy yoghurt is released!if you can tell, which gelifying agent do you use?kappa? Also, I do like “dirt” ;) and the one you include sounds excellent!

    • Hi Colette; Thanks for your comments!

      Yes, the yogurt capsule is like you described it. Basically, we mix a plain Greek-style yogurt with a dash of syrup and freeze it in half-sphere molds. Once it is frozen hard, we stick a toothpick in it and dip it in a vegetable jelly. The brand of the jelly we use is Sosa. Really easy and no funky chemical stuff here! ;)

      Ahah! Yeah, I think dirt never tasted so good! :)

      • Colette says:

        Thanks for the info! 
        I think it’s the equivalent to what in Spain Ferrán Adrià commercializes as “kappa” for a hard gel or “iota” for a soft one, both carrageenans (here’s a link in english to the products: ,if you are interested, check out the “elaborations” for the applications of each, though you probably already know them by another name!:) ). Originally I think Sosa sold the gelifying agents for various textures, but then it somehow changed (I guess they found there was a market for it & they could make some extra cash!). 

        • Thanks for the link; and yes, I think it’s the same. I checked out Sosa’s product and the composition of the gelling powder is: Origen Vegetal: Carragenatos (algas rojas) + goma garrofín (algarrobo)
          Sounds pretty much like the same thing to me. We just happen to have this available in HK, so we use it… for ingredients like that I am not too worry about what brand to use. On the other hand, I would be more worry for the quality of fresh mango as it is much harder to control consistency! :)

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