Confession: I had an affair with Arlette

December 19th, 2011 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

Seldom were the days where Arlette and I couldn’t meet… She has been part of my sweet life for as long as I can remember and for that matter an important part that is. I spent countless hours with Arlette, late into the cold winter nights of the Swiss Alps; she was always there to cheer me up with a cup of hot chocolate or a dessert, depending on the mood. We shared moments were we told each other everything… Often, we would also share moments in the fridge, on the wooden table, with the rolling pin (yes, I know!) and all of this in the tumultuous heat of the bakery… things weren’t always easy because of the heat. At times, I would almost breakdown, mumbling to her how she was sometimes too sweet and addictive for me, but I didn’t, I couldn’t, I had to stay strong, focused and loyal to Arlette, as always.

My passion for Arlette had gone viral, I had to introduce her to as many friends as I could and I swear, she was an absolute social phenomenon, a genius at relations, making instant friends with everyone around. It almost made me jealous, she was so popular. I wanted to keep Arlette just for me, yet, I couldn’t stop myself from hiding her beauty to the rest of the world. She had too much to offer, a lot to give and a spirit that would uplift any lost mind around, no matter what language they spoke. I had to share. After all, it’s nearly impossible not to fall in love with such a sweet character; back then, everyone loved her and she has been beautifully accepted here too.

My loyal companion, Arlette. Packed with generosity, goodness and sweetness, there is not much more that I can say about how good you are. Perhaps your physical appearance somewhat changed, but like good wine, you aged so well with the years… Many moons ago, Arlette was round, yet slimmer and shinny with a beautiful smile on her tanned face… Today, Arlette accompany every ice cream we serve, beautifully. She has grown majestically tall and she remains ever so popular. Some people come to visit her very frequently, never mind the ice cream… it’s just for her, pretty Arlette!

Now that you know all the truth about my affair, I guess I can’t keep Arlette away from you any longer…

Arlette is a classic caramelized puff pastry served with desserts or ice cream! :)

This post was also published on my column for Asia Tatler Dining.

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  • You are a real tease!  Who was this mysterious Arlette I wondered….  One of the only things I made as a child where those palmiers biscuits which involved rolling out ready made puff pastry and sprinkling sugar all over it and then rolling it up into a sort of double roll, so they looked like hearts when you sliced the roll,  and slicing and baking. I am sure Arlette is more sophisticated than that and all handmade but that’s who she reminds me of :)

    • Mmhhhh… not too far away from those palmiers actually! Arlette are done the same way, but rolled in spiral, sliced and then rolled out very thin. That is the classic way. Arlette as we know it today as gained weight, but is so gooood! :)

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