Amazing nordic food with Chef Robert Jakobsson

November 17th, 2011 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

The fresh sorrel, hay and sheep yogurt are all in. Were ready to welcome Chef Robert Jakobsson, former sous-chef of a Noma.

Blueberry parfait, tarragon oil, burnt hazelnut meringue, hay cream hazelnut

Chef Jakobsson is now the executive chef at Tivoli Gardens Brasserie, rated one Michelin star at the Nimb Hotel in Copenhagen. He is coming for a week in Hong Kong together with his excellent sous-chef Anders, and they will be cooking a Nordic menu for our Lounge restaurant which is already fully booked for the event!

I was very interested to find out what sort of desserts we would be preparing and when I received the recipes and menus I was thrilled to order a lot of ingredients Hong Kong is not really familiar with. To start with hay. Yes, dried grass that we are going to roast in the oven to infuse milk with. Other superb delicacies include sheep yogurt for our ice cream, fresh hazelnuts and the precious Dill Snaps. Just by reading the menu, I can really picture the flavors working out perfectly together.

Sorrel Apple juice, Sheep yogurt ice cream, caramelized white chocolate, rapeseed oil

The first time I’ve met the Chefs the introduction of the desserts was very succinct and clear: As far as possible from a Creme Brulee

Although I love a good creme brulee, I thought the concept and philosophy were very interesting. The desserts are featuring fresh herbs, vegetables, light textures and the least ingredient present is butter and cream. The savory food, from the kitchen side looks as promising as the desserts with a lot of pickled food, deer, lamb and different fishes.

The hay we used to infuse cream and milk - surprising and very good!

Overall, I have a tremendous amount of respect for the way food is prepared. Its modern, clean, flavorful and fresh – no gelled textures or spheres here, its much simpler and it all comes down to real food!

Fresh berries, blackberry sorbet, liquorice foam, dill snaps granite, malt crumble

Pork cheeks, beetroot, crispy pork skin

Chef Jakobsson preparing his stunning pork cheeks dish

Lamb belly, tongue and sweetbread

The lamb dish with chanterelle puree, sauteed and pickled - Amazing!

Glazen veal sweetbread, Jerusalem Artichokes, crispy chicken skin

Salted cod, dill, crispy cod skin, burnt cucumber, rye bread chips

Pickled Mackerel fillet in cauliflower dust and cauliflower puree (stunning dish!)


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