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October 28th, 2011 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

For reasons beyond my understanding, our hotel never wanted to open a patisserie or a boulangerie retail point. Shops are such a fun place to explode with creativity and innovation. It’s like a blog, but real! :)

Anyhow, because we don’t have a shop, U magazine picked me to do a blind tasting of the finest croissant in Hong Kong. What an honor and at the same time what a load of pressure! You never want to hurt people’s feeling, but hey, work is work and quality talks.

No, I am actually blinking, no one poked my eye! ;)

At the end, I have to say that all the croissant were of good quality (except the very last one!) and since I didn’t pick the places myself (the journalist did), I thought there was a few major players missing such as my friends at the Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop and the newly open Ritz-Carlton Hotel which employs one of the most talented baker in town!

The tasting was blind. I had no idea what product was presented to me. I simply judged on appearance, outer layers and texture, inner honeycomb texture, baking balance and flavor, notably butter. In all fairness, the journalist did it very professionally beside the missing ones. I even thought once they tries to trick me and gave me my own! :) lol

Of course, Hong Kong doesn’t only count 8 shops selling croissant! For this time, I played the game and my conclusion is simple. It’s a matter of personal taste; for instance I loved how that very dark croissant was baked because this is how we bake it back home. Yet, it’s personal and so was my judgement of the croissants.

Hong Kong baking scene is growing and it’s definitely great to see such interest by the press!

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