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October 27th, 2011 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

Every year back home, autumn is synonymous of Brisolée.

Brisolée is a traditional country side meal in the Valais region of Switzerland. We have it during autumn to celebrate a few seasonal delicacies of our region. The main actor of that meal is fire roasted chestnut and it is accompanied by moût de raisin (the first grape juice pressed for wine making). We also enjoy the first ripe cheese from the summer together with the autumn orchard’s fruits. Valais rye bread and cured meat are also part of the meal and it is truly delicious.

This year’s chestnut dessert is partly inspired by the mythic Brisolée. I prepared a medley of autumn fruits cooked with clove, vanilla, muscovado sugar and Clavados; and fixed it with pectin. I added a small clotted cream quenelle and a few green apple julienne as garnish.

Then I started playing around with the recipe of a classic lemon curd, but replaced the lemon juice by milk and chestnut paste. This is fabulous!! But I needed to have more volume than a creamy curd, so I added a little gelatine, to give it some body. Finally, I topped the chestnut circles with some caramelized puff pastry discs, fresh blackberries and a touch of gold.

I would enjoy this dessert with a glass of freshly pressed moût de raisin, but I would give a lot to be able to enjoy a real Brisolée again!

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