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September 11th, 2011 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

Ahah! Naughty you! I bet you expected to see suggestive shapes of cakes and desserts! Maybe one day, but right now, sorry to disappoint you, the pastries are rated 18+ for a different reason…

Those pastries are packed with either wine, spirits, eau-de-vie, you name it and if you try a few, you’ll realize why it’s 18+! We packed them with booze for the purpose of a birthday party we held. It’s always a great exercise to blend alcohol into dairy products as it often becomes a difficult balancing act. 

The fun part in the making is trying the recipes out to make sure the results are what we had in mind. In the middle of the afternoon, things were going ‘just’ fine!

For example in the case of the gin tonic macaron, we prepared a lime curd and added (a truck load) of Bombay Gin. We then adjusted the texture of the curd with xanthan gum. The result is surprisingly good!

That birthday party was a good practice for the planning of my next book! hint, hint! ;)

Ok, that last one is not loaded with ethanol at all, but I thought it fitted the bill of being +18! ;)

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