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Holding a dessert class with the members of the Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service really was a bonding experience. I hope every participants left with a positive dessert experience (…and a few extra pounds!), but more than that, I hope I was able to inspire them to follow a path and reach a goal, no matter the size of a dream, it is ours and no one can take it away. It was a true learning experience for all of us and honestly, I loved every minute of the day.

To complete the project, I needed two more items for the book beside the coconut bonbon and the lemon mascarpone lollies Tom and I demonstrated at the fine Atelier du Gout.


I was happy with the feel of the first two recipes and I wanted to keep the fun going and making sure the recipes would inspire that precious Youth.

The book’s crew was awesome and I think they’ve shot fantastic photos! I have taken a few myself, but they are nothing compared to what they did. We turned the pastry into a photo studio for about 3 hours. Surely, it’s not the best to carry on our daily operation, but the team had fun watching the shooting!

We did a griotte flan parisien glazed with cherry glaze, fresh figs (yes, I know, I am obsessed with figs!), black cherries, lemon cress and cubes of panna cotta. The five cubes on the side are light sweet pesto jelly – pretty cool!

The other dessert was blending raspberry, lime and coconut – by the way, the coconut dacquoise on the base is my favorite part of the dessert! Reminds me of coconut bonbon I used to eat as a kid (bounty)!

I am very excited to see the book completed and printed – this project is very meaningful and made with real people for real purpose. I will post every bit of news I have on the advancement of the project on this blog, keep posted!

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