Can you pronounce “Schiacciata”?

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At home, we have a few random plants of oats, wheat and rye growing around the house… it’s pretty, but more  than that, it reminds my family of the old days when they used to have entire fields of wheat and rye. Back then, it wasn’t made to be pretty but rather to make a living.

I took that photo on an old wooden table in front of the house. The grain looked ripe and so I could show my son how flour was done by crushing grains between stones and furthermore, I could show him how his breakfast oat meal was made by smashing oat grains too. I swear, he was like he discovered fire and wanted to crush a whole bowl of it and give it to his Mom for breakfast. Epic.

I brought back home my latest published book ‘La Boulangerie and my parents were all worry about not being able to replicate the recipes because they are written in English and Chinese. So on that day, we picked a recipe that would match our lunch and it was Schiacciata (on page 68 of the book). We followed the recipe to the gram and it was perfect. I would have thought the flour was different and we would maybe need to adjust some liquid in the recipe, but no. The only change we did was the toppings.

Instead of confit garlic and oregano, we used red bell pepper paste, kalamata olives and fresh rosemary.

When I added the pitch line “baking at home” in my book, I wasn’t kidding or trying to be user friendly just in words. My son mixed the poolish and my Mom shaped the breads! I only supervised the oven and it was all good.

We had that bread for lunch together with the goat cheese faisselle and smoked ham from my previous post on the Marche de Martigny. When everything on the table is fresh, authentic and from the farmer’s market, there is not much that can go wrong – even the weather was with us with a perfectly blue sky.

This is the type of meal I enjoy, I can relate to and understand it.

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