Almost famous: Meet our apricot and pecan sourdough

August 4th, 2011 | Posted by Gregoire Michaud in Daily life...

Some breads just gain natural recognition amongst diners. Maybe it’s the crust, maybe the fruity and nuty mix with the earthy rye or simply maybe it’s a mix of everything… Overtime, it becomes the word on the street, until it reaches the status of being almost famous; this is the story of our apricot pecan sourdough…

 Quite a few years back, we developed that superbly balanced rye, apricot and pecan sourdough to be served with our cheese selection. The nuts went from pecan to walnut, passing by almond, to finally come back to pecan. The dough is using the same sourdough as our other breads, but blended with rye flour…


 We use about 80% hydration level over an 18 hours fridge bulk fermentation and honestly, that bread is a killer with any cheese!



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  • Son Hyaeryum on Facebook

    Slightly toasted with Bordier!!!

  • Sandra Wong on Facebook


  • Cynthia Chan on Facebook

    The colour mix is nice……..

  • Judy Louey on Facebook


  • The Kitchen Nomads on Facebook

    We are definitely adding this to our bread making experiment list!

  • Daniel Cheung on Facebook

    Licking my screen now.

  • Gregoire Michaud on Facebook

    Thanks for your nice comments everyone! :)

  • Judy Louey on Facebook

    I’ll try to replicate this with my apricot yeast water!!

  • Judy Louey on Facebook

    I did it!! The crumb was soft and fluffy but my crust was too thin :(

  • Gregoire Michaud on Facebook

    Crust is often a matter of oven’s heat… :)

  • Judy Louey on Facebook

    Yes, I didn’t wait until it reached 250C before loading the dough :(

  • Spencer

    Hi Gregoire,
    Your apricot and pecan sourdough bread looks very yummy!!  I have never made bread using pecans, but I must give it a try.  The price of nuts (pecans, walnuts, pinenuts…whatever) are going up in the states.  Do you make this bread occasionally at your hotel establishment?  I was browsing through some of your blog entries, and it seems you favor an almost liquid levain/sourdough.  Is that your preference?


    • Gregoire Michaud

      Thanks for your comments! Yes, this bread is served at our French restaurant Caprice together with the cheese course. We serve it as individual breads instead of the sliced loaf.

      At the hotel, we work with a rather firm sourdough base, but the bread dough have indeed a good level of hydration.The liquid dough rests in the fridge and gain body, texture and taste.

      Happy Baking! :)

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