A place where Michelin isn’t about star!

August 26th, 2011 | Posted by greg in Daily life... | Travel

Going back home was time to grasp a bit of everything I miss while living away.

It was also time for my son to get impregnated by those moments of life. Moments where you only need to be your very good own self… To me, the values we respect and carry on to our children back home is worth any top school education. This is the school of life and that, money can’t buy.

We pick fruits, harvest berries, caramelize marshmallows, work at the garden and so on… we learn how everything works, or maybe almost everything as we are not learning how derivatives work or the importance of having a LV bag in life… nor do we care…

We see Michelin with completely different eyes, we count on it to help us harvest the dry grass we will store for the harsh mountain winter.

It felt so right. And when nature calls, you just go for it.

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