My new book: “La Boulangerie” official release announced for July 20, 2011!

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I don’t know how to start this post!

… I’m so excited to announce the release of my new baking book that I can’t compose a normal sentence… it all goes into 1970’s black and white advertising for lard kind-of-sentence, like: ” You’re happy because you bake your own bread!” …says the guy with beautiful white teeth…

So anyway, yes, the book is coming out on July 20 at the Hong Kong International Book Fair (which runs from the 20 to 26 of July) and where nearly (you might want to have a seat) one million people will visit the fair!

The book project started as a second edition of Artisan Bread as it ran out of print. And it was to become a supposedly upgraded version of the first book, but there was way too many ideas and visions in our minds to settle for less and so we reshaped the book completely and it was re-born as “La Boulangerie”

The plot is simple: Baking at home.

We’ve made recipes more simple, methods more easy to handle, ingredients easier to source, explained baking stone, supermarket flours and annihilated the myth of the “exhaust and steam” in baking at home. The fermentation methods are direct and at most based on poolish or fridge based fermentation – nothing like a road map to land on the moon, really.

Sourdough has been left out as it will be for a future book!

(Don’t kill me yet!) Instead of mixing everything in single book, we focused on simple home baking with creative bread ideas. Sourdough deserves a book on its own where an extensive explanation can be rolled out. The same goes for croissant, danish and puff pastry. If you need a quick fix for your sourdough, have a look here.

La Boulangerie is divided in four main chapter: A quick technical part, sweet breads, savory breads and the untouchable classics.

We baked every single recipes in our oven and we are very happy to share them with you. I sincerely hope you will have a blast at baking in your home’s oven and look forward to read your bread adventures!

Note: The book will be released on the 20th of July at the Book Fair, but will need a little while to reach book stores, and even this blog’s store! Thank you for your patience!

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