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It has been a while since I wanted to feature Suz on this blog.

I have been working with Suzanna Chu for years and it’s only recently that I discovered her motivation for very noble causes – and on top of that, Suz has an incredible eye for food styling + it taste fresh, clean and authentic, or in short: everything I love in food!

She is nothing less than our Chef-de- Partie at The Lounge where she cooks incredibly good food!

Not even scared!

Tell me about your life motto…

Get up everyday and enjoy life!

One of my very good friend, who happened to be training manager in a hotel, just passed away. He was travelling on vacation to the Philippines and a simple mosquito bite gave him a fatal dengue fever… it stroked me so hard that such a good positive and healthy person was brought down by a simple mosquito bite… life is fragile, thus my motto. When that same friend was still with us, he told me: “Try to record yourself for a whole day and listen to how much you are ranting and complaining about everything…” It made so much sense…


Your favorite kitchen tool of the moment?

Thermomix! It does everything – smooth and high quality, like my boyfriend! [laughing]

Black truffle mash, scallop and bacon

Beside mine [laughing too!], what are your favorite cookbooks?

Thomas Keller’s; great photos, well written, great style. It remind me of my past experience in fine dining where everything we’ve made was done with precision, passion and extreme focus.


Although Steve jobs is still a Buddhist, the Pope finally bites the Apple using an iPad to tweet; what’s the catch? And will you retweet him?

He made Jesus electronic! I think he should not have done so with something so spiritual, in the way where this will even reduce further the attendance at mass gathering, which is already going down in many countries. It makes me think of Hong Kong where the government has started an “e-bai san” (place where respect is paid to departed ones) because they had too many complaints about the maintenance of the graves  as well as other issues. So now, people have a web page where they go to pay a visit to the departed one. I think it’s just wrong…

Do you think I should retweet him? I think I won’t…

Fried foie gras...

You picked Viognier over a Chardonnay, why?

That particular estate makes it nicely, it has a good kick – then I asked a bigger glass because I can enjoy it better; better view too!


If you could have that glass of Viognier with anyone, dead or alive, who would that be?

I was thinking of Albert Einstein, but really? It would be Michael, my boyfriend!

Tons of large corporations are paying big dollars to ‘buy’ carbon offset par in order to be in the ‘legal’ limit fixed under the Kyoto Protocol for example. Other corporations like Timberland or Etnies for example opt to join carbon offset programs such as ‘tree planting’; knowing the deeply-rooted controversies surrounding tree planting, do you think Mother Earth can’t be bother?

I am not very familiar with the whole tree-planting thing. But I think planting tree is a good thing anyway. I am more concerned with companies like the evil Monsanto, rotting our world. Also, I think the barter system instated by “food banks” is not fair in poor countries; the poor stay poor and the richer countries sell the goods and make actual cash. This way nothing will ever change… Everything has a price and there is a lack of equality.


Tell us about the cause you defend…

I defend two causes: Animal protection and healthy lifestyle.

Many animals are treated very badly, and I am not only talking about cats and dogs, but cows, pigs, chicken and so on. They have become a commodity for human consumption; in today’s worldwide antibiotic production, half is for the animals that we, human, are consuming. But it seems that people and government alike choose to shut their eyes, ears and mouth. If it is like that today, how will it be for the future generation?

Recently, I was at an international school to hold a speech and demonstrate the making of a simple salad made from organic ingredients. It was together with my good friend Peggy Chan in an effort to convince more and more school to introduce a ‘meat-free’ day once a week. To create an healthier diet, organic awareness and earth care.

HK's organic tomato, salmon and orange

You just launched your own blog, what’s up?

After our dearly missed dog Bobby passed away, I wanted to find out what happened. The doctor diagnosed him with a cancer and linked it to the food products he had. I never knew dog could have cancer… then I did researches, read countless books and article about the topic to find out how bad was the animal food industry.

I wanted to share my experience and everything that revolve around dogs health and especially cancer. I want to share it with anyone who isn’t aware of this… loosing your dog other than natural death is really hard…


Fried peanuts?

[laughing] they are fried, salted and the extra oil is soaked on used newspaper! You care? (me: not at all!) But I prefer the whole ones, like in bars where you throw all the shells on the floor, it makes the atmosphere nice!

What are your views on the food artisan movement in Hong Kong?

I think half of it is fake. That fake half is made by people with huge financial power and of course, they are doing this to create a profit. It is not the right way to develop a solid artisan movement. Plus, the government is not supporting the little food artisan at all. There is a complete lack of structure where people can learn and identify with artisanal food products. More should be done to create awareness amongst people.I always find it odd to see ‘organic’ products packaged in plastic bags!


Visit Suzanna’s blog and support her cause!

Follow Suz on Twitter too!


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