Why can’t club sandwiches be made with real bread?

June 14th, 2011 | Posted by greg in Daily life...


Don’t you agree that a great bread makes a great sandwich?

For a sandwich dating from 1899 in the US, I am pretty sure the bread used back then was proper… the ugly square bread loaded with preservatives only showed up in the 1950’s with the equally ugly industrial revolution. So, why can’t we use real bread?

OK… We don’t normally tattoo our bread, but for the photo shooting, we had to make it handsome!!

For our club sandwich, we left out the extra slice of bread in the middle and build a more rustic version of it with a beautiful pillow bread, 30% whole wheat, fermented on a 24 hour period in the fridge. Very liquid dough, folded and refolded… The above is from my upcoming bakery book!

Awesome piece of lunch!


PS: Needless to explain what happened to that particular sandwich after the photo! ;)

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