Tandoor breads in Mumbai: the movie!

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For a baker, discovering first hand the magic behind tandoor oven and the making of Indian breads was an amazing experience.

The bread specialist of the Indian cuisine had such a smooth flowing way of doing it that it made me feel like I knew nothing. The bread specialist you see on this movie showed them to me at a very slow speed since I was filming. Also, he just did one of each to demonstrate. This guy can handle a live tandoor bread station in a 500 people buffet, and trust me, people there eat a LOT of those breads!

Main kitchen tandoor being heated for dinner

Can't stop watching the crazy fire...

The Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai has tandoor oven all over the place; baking Indian bread or meats without a tandoor is not an option. But the most impressive were the one located at the main kitchen and the beautiful copper-covered ones at San-Qi restaurant. The ovens reach temperature above 300 Celsius and it takes a whole set of skills to master the art of tandoor oven.

I was lucky to witness a photo shoot for a PR event around the tandoor. So I had a blast taking photos of the kebabs and the sparks of fire dancing above the over-heated tandoor oven!

More action...

Ok... last one... I LOVED it!

That tandoor oven was located in the main kitchen, with an exhaust hood right above it… in other places, I think this would prompt massive fire safety issues, but apparently not there, which I thought was great for the chefs!

San-Qi restaurant


Four beautiful copper covered tandoor oven: Open kitchen!

The tava for special bread such as roti, chapati, paratha...

Beautiful babies!

Getting ready for our photo shoot session...

The heat is on!

In the movie I shot, you will see plain naan bread, roti bread and cheese-coriander naan, the later was then cut into slices and dusted with their homemade garam masala powder.

It made me die a little… it was SOOOO good!

I would be happy to pick that over a pizza any day as long as it’s made like that! Ok… the movie is not quite up to the Bollywood standard, but I thought a little local music would make it even more authentic!

Click here to watch the movie!

Cheese coriander naan with homemade garam masala!

The garam masala spices before being ground into powder...

Getting the kebbabs ready...

The kebbabs were leaning on top for the photo shoot...

I love this shot!

More sparkle dancing...

Almost ready!


The guys are making their own blend of spices from whole spices which they ground… I could see the garam masala and a kind of curry blend.  Taking a deep breath on top of both, the masala and the curry spices, before being ground, was incredible…

I saw myself in the TV commercial for India! …and that alone, people, was worth my trip to India!

The curry blend before grounding...


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