Awesome homegrown organic cooking + Mandy’s magical touch!

June 10th, 2011 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

It’s not sweet food, but pretty sweet stuff if you see what I mean!

It’s so exciting to live in a city like Hong Kong and actually be able to grow your own vegetable and herbs in your living room to cook dinner.

The “cherry on the cake” was also Mandy’s (From Mandy’s Private Kitchen) Bonnet pepper sauce – you can really taste how much love she puts into the product and it matched the dish perfectly! (that’s the yellowish quenelle shape on the above photo) As a matter of fact, the previous day I used it as a dressing for my salad with little homemade lamb kebab – it all fitted nicely in my hungry stomach!

The day before, I could get my hands on some of the most amazing pork chop I ever tried. Outdoor raised pork from Canada, fed with only natural ingredients and labeled as organic pork. It looked soooo promising! Then, we had yellow tomatoes and rosemary collected from the living room. (I love the feeling of saying that!) So much that I have just planted potatoes now!

And of course we had a hefty amount of greens on the side as well as some rosemary grenaille potatoes!

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