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It’s all in the name…

…the name “A platter of love” reflects perfectly what the day was all about…

Before talking about the actual day, I’d like share my views on participating to charities. Every time, doing charity work brings me tremendous satisfaction. No matter how old I get, it teaches me to be humble, reminds me how lucky I am and shows me how others can benefits from it, thanks to very little efforts from volunteers. Unlike Shaquille O’neal who buys thousands of dollars worth of toys at Christmas to be distributed to underprivileged kids (which is great) but also makes sure the media, news and cameras are rolling while doing it – I like to write about the actual charity, about its meaning, about what is being achieved and how to help, rather than writing about myself going there. It’s all about creating awareness. Anyway…

The platter of love is a project that brings together 8 chefs to publish a book featuring 8 different charity organizations.

The concept of the book is that each chefs will be “assigned” to hold a cooking/baking class with about 20 people from each of the selected organization. During the class, the photo taken will be published in the book as well as two other dishes that are relevant to the charity featured. The proceeding of the book will then be shared amongst the charities.

I really like the approach of the book as it’s not just another showing-off ground for chefs – we had to think about food that was relevant to the charities and to explain our vision. Awesome!

getting ready with Tom-Sir...

It was a first time for me to meet and help people from the Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service which helps youth with difficulties. The students were aged between 15 and 20 years old and much like Emmanuel Homes, these kids only need guidance and teaching; in fact they were a great bunch of kids only asking to learn! A few of them were actually in apprenticehip program at some excellent pastry boutique in town – and they loved showing me how they learned mixing ganache!

We started with a name sharing session where we had to hit someone with an inflated hammer if that person didn’t shout someone else’s name fast enough – it looked like child play at first, but hey! It did the job, we all knew at least 5 or 6 names after playing.

Then, Tom and myself demonstrated two recipes. The coconut yogurt bonbon and the lemon mascarpone lollies which you have seen on this blog earlier. I thought these two sweets were relevant to the teenagers. When I was younger, I always wanted to get chocolate and ice cream from the store, nagging my parents… so I thought I could teach the kids how to do their own. And we did just that – taught them how to make their own “junk” food, but chemical free, additives free and (no… not healthy!)… natural!

The goal of the day was to involve as much as possible the students and try to encourage them to learn and get interested. The results were fabulous – everyone truly tried their best and it was reflecting on the plates once the desserts were done.

The students prepared a very touching card for the day, with beautiful drawing of their faces!

Thanks you to all the students, you guys were an awesome bunch!

Once the book will be published, I will post the relevant links and photos – keep posted! :)

PS: photos showing students had to be removed to respect their privacy.

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