Fantasy table and live bakery at HOFEX 2011

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Very nice creations from the Philippines bakery team

Beside the judging the amazing showpieces, I had the privilege to judge the fantasy table… Luckily enough, the work stations were located next the the Live Bakery area when the Taiwanese team and the Philippines team were competing…

The Philippines team baked ensaimadas!

At the live bakery competition, the performance of the Philippines team was very good – although more could have been done on the baguette dough products, I have to say that the overall performance was neat and tidy compared with other teams.

Below is a little slideshow of the live bakery session…

[picasa width=”600″ height=”400″ bgcolor=”#000000″ autoplay=”0″ showcaption=”1″ user=”” album=”es_HofexBread”]

Yeah!! Very hot indeed - the air conditioning was turned low before the show opened at 10 a.m.

The Fantasy Table

While I could catch a glimpse of the live bakery competition, I had to judge the fantasy tables…

To put you into perspective, each contestant needs to create 2 desserts, 2 plates each in 2 hours and they have no idea what the ingredients will be, nor they were allowed to bring in any ingredients. They could only bring recipes and tools.

A nice performance...

As many logos as we had on our chef’s coat, HOFEX Hong Kong still of relatively low importance on the worldwide scale of pastry competition. That said, it is a very good exercise to participate and to give it a go. You can benchmark yourself against others and see where you really stand. Indeed, when you practice at work it is never the same.

As judges, we remain diligent and serious about every aspect of our tasks.

We would be looking at details and placing ourselves into different perspectives in order to understand what the contestant wants to showcase… I just hope some judges would be more considered and human when making decisions that will eventually influence the future motivations of young students.

Here is a little slideshow of the fantasy table…

[picasa width=”600″ height=”400″ bgcolor=”#000000″ autoplay=”0″ showcaption=”1″ user=”” album=”es_HofexDay2″]

eheheh!! See you in two years! :)

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4 Responses

  • Sheron says:

    Your blog is wonderful! Great Great Great! 

  • Natnatf says:

     Hi Chef, 

    Then, which team won the gold medal in the “Fantasy Table” competition? Within 2 hours, they had to make a presentable and delicious dessert? Wow!!!

    • Anonymous says:

       Yes, it is indeed challenging to come up with 2 desserts in 2 hours – need to keep your composure and come up with ideas fast! I don’t know where the people were working, I only know there was only one gold – the dessert with the passion fruit sorbet – it was the only contestant who dared make a sorbet in such a short time and the rest of the flavors, texture and presentation was clean and good.

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