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May 4th, 2011 | Posted by greg in Charity

Yoohoooo!!!! We did it!

So… it is possible! It took exactly 1 month, 4 days and about 20 generous people to gather the humble US$2000 promised to help Emmanuel Homes. On the other hand, it took almost as much time transferring the funds out of Paypal (which was madness a very painful process…). Finally this morning, I went personally to the bank to make sure the transfer to Howard of Emmanuel Homes was done.

I wish the administrative processes of transferring the fund was all easier, just like sending an email… but never mind, I rarely had such a fulfilling and happy sensation after going to a bank! I felt like, because of you, generous donors, we’ve made something useful for a genuine purpose, with tangible results. It is really a small step for mankind, but a huge step for humanity (eheh! heard that before?!) Little by little, we make things change, just like Celene and Giving Bread or Alain with FUNDANCER, together with his son Manu, Fundancer is a small bunch of people helping families to care about children with cancer in Columbia; an incredible story, truly life-changing.

All these people aren’t just looking at others blandly, but they take action to make real change in people livelihood.

I am convinced that such charitable acts are the way to change our world to a better one.

I find it so meaningful compared to some other charity models; for example the local community where I live collected over HK$180,000 for Japan, it’s a beautiful community effort and spirit; we all know how much Japan needs it and I was thrilled to know about this donation effort. But then I learned it was given to UNICEF Hong Kong which gave it to UNICEF Japan, and that made me sort of skeptical. When you know that the CEO of UNICEF, Mr. Anthony Lake, alone gets an annual salary of more than US$201,000 excluding of all the benefits and expenses account, please allow me to doubt the charitable ethics of such organization. UNICEF UK says that 75% of all donations actually reach the children, thus 35% goes into running cost. These are the official numbers from their website which are already sad.. but how is the reality?

Anyhow… let’s carry on, should we? As you can see below, the total amount was transferred to Emmanuel homes, care of Howard Stanton, who is actively involved in this project.

The children of Emmanuel Homes, Howard and myself would like to thank the following people for their donations from the bottom of our hearts:

  • Ryan (Hong Kong)
  • Oliver (Japan)
  • Fina (Hong Kong)
  • Johannes (Belgium)
  • Celene (Hong Kong)
  • Frances (Hong Kong)
  • Janet (Hong Kong)
  • Sebastien (Switzerland)
  • Yvonne (Hong Kong)
  • Suzanna (Hong Kong)
  • Peggy (Hong Kong)
  • Alena (Hong Kong)
  • Grace (Hong Kong)
  • Schihab (The Maldives)
  • Melissa (USA)
  • Ludovic (Hong Kong)
  • Carl (UK)

Howard will make use of the funds, take photos and write report on how are the donations being used at Emmanuel Homes, and I will post it on this blog as soon as it comes in. It is very exciting to see this particular donation project becoming concrete and tangible for the children; it is very meaningful, yet, much more is to be done!

Thank you again and keep posted to see the improvements you brought to children’s lives! :)

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