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April 1st, 2011 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

Hong Kong is often referred to as a “foodie paradise” and beside the hundreds of different cuisine available, there is a true gem of local and regional cuisine to discover. Often, visitors are missing these places as they are mostly known by people living in Hong Kong.

Most hotels would refer guests on the hunt for a taste of the local cuisine to places where they will have the least risk to get blamed if anything happens – risk-taking-factor: none. And to me, when it comes to local food, there is no such thing as “risk-factor” – take it or leave it!

While I understand the reasons behind it, there must be people visiting Hong Kong looking for a more authentic experience than Peking Duck at the Ferry terminal in TST or Maxim’s dim sum. (by the way, nothing wrong with these places, it’s just mainstream…)  – Instead, there are few places doing specialty dishes, hot pots, special preparation techniques, private kitchens and so on…

myCityCuisine.org is a wiki project aiming to gather local cuisine from cities around the world.

They’ve just started and they’re looking for contributors. It has no commercial goal and I found the project to be quite interesting, thus, when Karen sent me a note asking to “call” for contributors, I thought it made sense.

The superb Tofu Fa from a monastery

Cows eating the public flower display! :)

Take for example these HK foodie bloggers: Cha Xiu Bao, e_ting, or EdEats  – they excel in showcasing hidden local food gems! (and yes, it’s outside SoHo and Central… aiya! there is a world out there!)

Crispy coconut roll sold in the street of Hong Kong

myCityCuisine.org is looking for contributors to fill each city’s very own food terroir. If you feel like sharing your love of food for Hong Kong, then please visit: myCityCuisine.org

A must try in HK!

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