Wedgwood Wedding Cake in the Wild

April 5th, 2011 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

Ringo and our team did a very nice job, especially without molds – it was all cut and carved!

From time to time, people decide to make our job “easier” when it comes to wedding cake design – and we’re thankful for that too!

For some soon-to-be wives, wedding is the time of their lives. And while watching their favorite movie star getting married on TV, their eyes are going large and glossy, the pupil dilated and they go: “I want that gown! I want it!”

Well, the same happens to wedding cakes and last week, we had to do this wedding cake, decorated with the famous Wedgwood design “Dancing Hours”, as the guest brought us a photo from a printed magazine.


We had to deliver the cake to an outside location and the setting in the garden was very beautiful; and indeed, a perfect wedding location!

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