Chilling out at the pool with lemon mascarpone parfait

April 27th, 2011 | Posted by greg in Daily life... | Recipes

Summer is pointing its nose and with it, we’re all looking at spending countless hours by the pool, being lazy and taking all the time in the world to move a toe. Ok… maybe that’s just me… but anyway, if you happen to eat your nicely grilled lobster quesadillas by the pool, then there is another thing you MUST try this summer!

That lemon mascarpone parfait is an absolute decadence!

We launched our new menu at the pool and for this summer’s signature item, I thought a simple “ice cream Popsicle” would be the perfect match. With a few little touches added such as verbena apricot semis-pris and breton shortbread, it was then only a matter of balancing the acidity of the lemon to contrast the white chocolate and the richness of the mascarpone – a few toasted coconut chips and we were on our way…

Try this at home!

You will need some white chocolate and chopped caramelized almonds for the coating as well as some wooden Popsicle sticks and 3cm diameter metal or plastic tubes.


  • 2 pcs egg yolks
  • 20 gm white sugar
  • 10 gm glucose
  • 15 ml lemon juice
  • 1 pc lemon zest
  • 90 gm whipped cream
  • 1 pc vanilla bean cut lengthwise
  • 40 gm mascarpone (you may decide to do your own mascarpone from “Got Cheese?” book! )


  1. Mix the yolk, sugar, glucose and lemon juice and whip it over a hot water bath until it reaches 85 degrees Celsius
  2. Add the lemon zest and scrap the vanilla seeds in the mixture; Cool the whipped mixture on ice water bath
  3. Fold in carefully the whipped cream and the mascarpone
  4. Fill 3cm diameter metal tubes and freeze – once half frozen, insert the wooden stick on one side.
  5. Melt your white chocolate and mix it with the chopped caramelized almonds
  6. Dip the frozen parfait in the white chocolate, shake the excess and store in the freezer.

Tips: If you want to make the white chocolate, or any other chocolate for that matter, as a thinner layer, add some cocoa butter to the chocolate before dipping. A ratio of 3:1 for chocolate and cocoa butter respectively is a fairly good texture.

Another issue is to take out the parfait from the tube once frozen. Don’t rely on hot water; it will melt you parfait and end up in a mess! Instead, cut a plastic sheet (rhodoid plastic film) to fit inside the tube, then fill your parfait base and freeze. That way, it will come out without any efforts and will still be sharp and round.

You could even make dozens of it to use instead of those usual industrial ice cream – homemade is so much better!

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