All you really need is love; but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt!

April 21st, 2011 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

Following my earlier post on Easter afternoon tea goodies, here is the promised update with our chocolate selection. Simple and clean, we use different kinds of chocolate for different eggs, dark is 70% cocoa, milk 38% cocoa with yogurt flavor (yes, yogurt works a treat to kill the sweetness) and except for decoration, no white chocolate eggs, because white chocolate is a scam, considering it is made of only cocoa butter, milk powder and sugar (plus of course your favorite emulsifier and flavorings…) but no sign of cocoa mass! Ah! I said it!!

Just in case you haven't noticed: it's an EGG!

Our little selection at the Boutique...

The light reflects on the packaging PVC and gave a funny natural effect...


uhm... I have to say the boutique has quite a nice selection of books :) *wink wink*


Smaller pieces

This year's popular guy!

Spring flower bouquet amongst the chocolates

Spot the difference ;)

I'll be watching you!

Along the Easter sweets posted earlier, we will have a pretty Ladybug on a red pear… or maybe an apple… an egg maybe?

Hi! :)

Seeds are eggs, butterflies feed on the sweet nectar and Ladybug watches!

Happy Easter everyone!

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