A pinch of Espelette chili on a hot chocolate mousse

March 11th, 2011 | Posted by greg in Recipes

Would I ever want to try that, you’d say?!

And I’d say, if you wouldn’t, you would miss out a fabulous chance to kick your taste buds!

A classic chocolate mousse is one of the most comforting recipe ever. I love it. But for some reason, I don’t fancy chilled mousse… I guess it’s a matter of texture and of mousse being from the dark ages of the pastry history. I would rather enjoy it at room temperature; with the classic method mousse that is. While doing a classic chocolate mousse recipe, most of the non-professional dessert enthusiast will embark into complicated procedures depending on the recipe to even boil sugar for a pate a bombe

The below recipe is much simpler and uses a canister. Before you navigate away form this post because the word canister scares or bores you with a “Arghhh here we go again!”, please seat back and read on… Canisters are widely available in many normal stores in town and they’re easy to handle and use.

It’s ok to use something else than a wire whisk to make a mousse!! :)

Simply boil 150 ml of liquid cream and melt in 200 gm of dark chocolate ( I used 70% Guanaja). Mix it well and add 150 gm of fresh egg white (not whipped). Mix well and pour into the canister. For this recipe, you should use a 1/2 liter canister size. Then close it tightly, load 2 cartridges of N2O and place it a warm water bath kept at around 50 Celsius for about 10 to 15 minutes.When you load the cartridges, hold your canister up-side-down to allow the gas going through the chocolate mixture.

On top of being light, we’re serving it warm!

Shake it well – so well that you will look like a lunatic in your kitchen shaking that canister! Hold your canister up-side-down and dispense the mousse in your container.

For the spiciness, I chose Espelette chili. It’s very mild and round, matching perfectly the bitterness of the cocoa. Simply sprinkle the chili powder on the top before serving.

I decorated the mousse with a thin disc of dark chocolate with some cassis sauce and half raspberry. The thin chocolate disc will melt with the heat from the mousse and create a sort of envelop on top of the mousse. We can’t say no to more chocolate, can’t we?

The bottom of my glass is filled with a light cream flavored with a coulis of hibiscus infused raspberries as well as layers of flour-less chocolate cake and whole pieces of hibiscus marinated fresh raspberries.

Alternatively, you may decide not to serve it warm and simply use the mixture cold – it’ll be as good as warm, but less oozing! Also, you could leave the chili at the door – but a touch of spice in life makes it exciting, isn’t it?

You should try this at home and be sure to make a few extra portions, because one per person won’t be enough! :)

PS: Yes… I call it mousse and not foam… ;)

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