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With so much food flooding Hong Kong, being hungry should be impossible! Yet… the reality is different.

Baking bread and giving it is a simple and basic act of kindness completely lacking in our society, let alone the ridiculous queues outside luxury fashion stores…

There are several resolutions you might have taken for 2011. Like most, and in all fairness, you’ve made choices that will eventually affect your own self. Loosing weight, stop smoking or (my favorite one…) baking more bread at home is on your list. Gladly for us, destiny decided otherwise this year, when Celene Loo approached us in regards to her organization: Giving Bread. The name says it all; the charity collects bread and distributes it to the less fortunate and elderly.

The news headlines have been pounding Hong Kong on waste disposal on the like of the land field in Tseung Kwan O, from many different aspects such as environment, neighborhood disturbance and the massive waste of food Hong Kong’s food industry generates everyday. Talk about a Fragrant City!  We witnessed too few efforts from establishments around town who are recycling food for their staff canteen or the very nice government initiative on transforming food waste into fertilizer, which is now in beta mode until 2014. But even with these efforts, this city has still plenty of food to spare.

When Celene asked if we were interested to help, we were straight away moved by the idea, and especially for us in the pastry, knowing how much effort it takes to produce our daily bread, it really made sense to participate. When meeting with Celene a few days ago, and despite her comfortable background, I have found a person breathing a genuine sense of charity, with a huge heart and a very profound sense of humility.

Giving Bread would not accept money donation, it has to be bread, which Celene will collect by herself. She would then spend her Friday night at home sorting the breads, slicing the large loaves in portions and carefully pack them into individual little bags for the convenience of distribution. The next day or two she would gather supportive friends and organize the giving in random areas – for example in public housing estates. She would also drive around town to collect and receive leftover bread donation from small bakeries and independent restaurants.

Celene tells us that having people smiling back at you or pinching your cheek is very humbling, fulfilling and rewarding. And more than giving bread, you could become involved in helping distributing it! Frankly, I can’t wait to join personally, but patience is a virtue and honestly: this is so worth it!


Visit for more information and Giving Bread Facebook page here.

We are giving, are you?

We can’t change the world in one day, but petit-a-petit, we can get there. :)

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