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December 15th, 2010 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

Following the flower competition held in September 2010, I was invited to write a little article/report on the event to be featured in the very respectable Pastry & Baking Magazine (Asia Middle East – volume 1, issue 1).

Having an article featured in a professional publication such as ‘Pastry & Baking’ is very flattering!

Yet, the photo of your humble servant (me) is not what you think it is!

I seriously look like I am going to crush someone’s pastry hope and utterly trash it with a bland zero mark from my sharp pencil, but no… I was actually wondering when I could allow myself to sneak out for a nice cup of coffee! :)

PS: I have to give credits to the wonderful ladies we have in our offices (hi!) for helping me with the scanning of the magazine… I guess I saved 5 hours of trouble asking for their help! :)

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