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December 2nd, 2010 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

My Beijing friend Petri, author of some of the most stunning photographs I have come accross says:

…everything may be beautiful in this world, you just have to change your point of view…

Growing up in a complete (..and complete is the least to say!) food oriented family simply modeled my mind, my taste and the approach I have with food… and even if I wanted to change… I couldn’t with such deep roots into food culture. And that is why questions like: “Why would a Spanish artisan spend 36 months aging a piece of Iberico ham to have it deconstructed into a sphere” come to my mind…

Yet, I do not see being into deconstruction and molecular stuff (or related…) as a trend. It is most definitely more than a trend and it has changed the way we prepare food for ever. What these new techniques have brought to the kitchen is just phenomenal!

Rather than being ultra-conservative and sleeping on “the sure values of classics” I would rather embrace these new techniques and use them together with the classics. It is yet another balancing act to achieve, but it results in a beautiful one.

I see these new trends as very entertaining, with awesome sciences, making restaurants a theatre where Chefs can express their art.

Definitely, I wouldn’t go eat in such restaurant everyday, and I believe this is what people tend to forget. You go there for the experience and not to get fed! :) And from that point, it all comes down to what my friend Petri says: …everything may be beautiful in this world, you just have to change your point of view…

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