Korean Strawberries and Chablis Sabayon

December 22nd, 2010 | Posted by greg in Daily life... | Recipes

Korea weather report: – 12°C….  so, how do they do it?

Despite everything, they are here! With their sweetness, flavor and texture, Korean strawberries beats any day their counter part imported from anywhere in the world at this time of the year. Of course, I am talking large scale and decent price. During the summer season, we use gariguettes strawberries from France, paying premium price for it: that’s a whole different talk.

Obviously, we didn’t have to discuss for too long on what we were going to do with them… it was more like a speed-dating appointment where strawberries met Chablis and foamed into a sabayon!


Korean strawberries are grown in massive areas of green houses where everything is conditioned. Temperature, nutrients, water… yet, despite being engineered fruits, the crop Korean growers use has a very good flavor, flesh texture and sweetness. Eat them at room temperature for the full experience. Eating them cold, just out of the fridge will diminish the sweet sensation, just like when you eat a sorbet…

The recipe for the sabayon is fairly simple: 70 gm white sugar, 25 gm egg, 60 gm yolk and 100 ml Chablis.

Whisk it over a hot water bath until you obtain a beautiful foamy texture. You have to whisk it over the hot water until the egg virtually start to coagulate. You will see it happening by testing for temperature and by the texture change in your foam. Cooking the eggs (but not making scramble eggs) will remove that ‘egg-y’ feeling to the sabayon. Next, pour the freshly whisked sabayon over the strawberries and broil it under the grill for that golden brown color. The quick stint under intense heat will form the texture of the sabayon and bring your strawberry the flash it needs to be perfect. You can replace the Chablis by any creative wine/juice/liquid you like!

Enjoy! :)

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