3 Michelin Stars Gourmet Culture Shock!

December 27th, 2010 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

I really have to share this with you – I love it!

Our legendary chef Chan Yan Tak, from our famed Lung King Heen restaurant, bestowed of 3 Michelin Stars for 3 years in a row, asked me to come up with a dessert where (in big lines…) “East meets West”. Sticking to Chef Tak’s principle of simplicity and quality, I thought we could infuse some nice quality Chinese preserved mandarin peel into a creme brulee. We selected a premium grade of mandarin peel, not solely based on its age as it is often the case, but more so on the potential the peel had to flavor the cream. And indeed, the idea pleased everyone and especially Chef Tak. We achieved a perfect texture and flavor…

The classic French dessert seen through the eyes of a genius came out without its thin caramelized sugar crust, but simply broiled to a brown color. The delicate palate of Chinese cuisine aficionados does not particularly enjoy over-sweet dishes, thus it made sense to keep it simple. Of course, I smiled when I noticed the raspberry and the mint tips on the custard, but when you think about it, it fits the concept and the mindset through chef Tak’s consistency. Beautiful.

I was surprised, and loved it, when he explained how he would serve it and what words were used on the dessert menu:

Double-Boiled Egg Custard Flavored with Preserved Mandarin Peel


It all made sense, really…

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