So, where did this dessert come from?

November 26th, 2010 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

There are times where inspiration comes from somewhere else…

For a Chef that is all about ingredients and good, simple food it can be quite challenging to think primarily about the design and outlook rather than the actual food. But yet, I’ve found that challenge very interesting… This particular dessert was made for a printed publication.

Rather than being fearful and trying to create something that would eventually end-up in an ‘almost-there-but-what-else’ situation, I thought I would actually get inspired by people who can really design. You may find a range of different silicon molds on the market, but in the end they’re really “all the same”… also, I wanted to move away form the overdone chocolate or sugar sphere with holes everywhere… And sometimes, little help turns out to be great!

I have an enormous amount of respect for furniture designers. Yes, you read me right: furniture. To create that dessert, I went on Google and searched for “Modern sofa”… I am not sure what passed through my mind at that point, but I thought sofas, look like desserts :) I then looked around and found an inspiring sofa. Frankly, I don’t think this modern sofa would have a spot in my living room, but it stroke me right away because of the lines and balance.

Then, I drew a sketch of what my dessert would look like and tried to imagine each component to be used. I took away the back side and kept it minimalist and elegant. I also had to plan which flavors and textures would be included in that dessert. I opted for a light Fromage Blanc cream with a nice base of pine nut dacquoise with each of the square to be filled with a runny center of pure fruit puree, respectively wild strawberry, papaya and mandarin – all of them being great friends of Fromage Blanc.

The finishing of the dessert pretty much fits the original sofa design, I sprayed the squares with a classic white chocolate/titanium dioxide mixture and made the decoration with a very good dark chocolate from Chocovic sprayed in deep red and gold.

I am (really) not the greatest fan of Cartesian designs and chocolate decoration on desserts, but frankly, this was a great exercise!

To conceptualize the finished product, I first made a mockup with plain chocolate cubes and a piece of paper; the outcome was promising…

And finally, as a dessert with the little finishing pastry touches like shiso flowers, blackcurrant coulis and others…

Pretty cool looking dessert :)

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