Our new winter breads!

November 6th, 2010 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

That’s it!

We’ve launched our new breads for the winter season, bringing in some classic, yet rewarding breads to the basket. Talking about basket, we’ve also received our new rattan basket with it’s rustic inner cloth – a really nice home for breads.

Far in the back you can see the rosemary and sea salt bread sticks. The sliced bread is a rye sourdough loaf with dried prunes and walnut (more on that inspiring one later…). The middle is our classic white sourdough boule and on its left, it’s a semolina, flax seed and horseradish bread. We added just a touch of horseradish, but what a treat! Last but not least, the sun dried tomato and Parmesan cheese crispy rolls:  once you start, you can’t stop eating those!

The rye walnut and prune sourdough really inspired our Chef to create a new sandwich which complement this toasted bread to perfection. A thin slice of Charolais goat cheese, slightly melted, some Spanish Jabugo ham, a few pieces of confit tomato with garlic, leaves of fresh arugula and topped with another slice of the toasted bread. All of this served with a great black cherry and thyme jam from Mrs. and Mr. Guilbault (L’Atelier des Saveurs)… The perfect storm! :)


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