The cinnamon conspiracy.

October 15th, 2010 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

With the festive season approaching fast, time is yet again to fine tune our bread and pastries. Today was cinnamon rolls day! Our filling is pretty much the same as before, using butter, muscovado sugar and of course cinnamon powder. We didn’t use that Chinese cinnamon bark you can see on the photo (… I just love that impressive look! :) ) . That one is reserved for our hot apple cider, also prepared during the year end festive season.

Last year, we used our normal cinnamon powder which is great when it comes to add a pinch here and there. But undertaken in cinnamon rolls, it can become quite sharp and spicy. This time, we tried to use a new kind of cinnamon powder from Indonesia with a rounder flavor and a more pleasant finish. The result was very good.

The dough we used is a brioche dough, also flavored with cinnamon, but I thought it was then too much cinnamon. So we’ll keep the dough plain, or perhaps with just an orange zest… :)

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