Surreal Breakfast with Bob Blumer, Samantha Brown and Janet Hsieh!

October 28th, 2010 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

Away from our usual high-end cocktails, edgy desserts or decadent fashion shows, we had a great fun event, which was really entertaining and good to see for us, as chefs.

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TLC (Travel and Living Channel – from Discovery Channel) had their Hong Kong relaunch party, so we had the chance to meet and welcome Bob Blumer, Samantha Brown and Janet Hsieh amongst others. The setup was very well done and we even had a perfect replica of Bob’s toast-mobile!

Picture 144

We had to cook some of Bob’s recipes taken from his latest book Glutton for Pleasure. Orange jellies, coffee creme brulee, hangover cures (pretty good taste! :) ) and his famous surreal breakfast…

Picture 143

As a professional chef, you really look at it with a skeptical angle, yet we  found it interesting… We took on the challenge and created pretty good looking chocolate strips to make the  fake bacon (…but we did it coffee flavored) and instead of the original ice cream, we used coconut panna cotta for the egg white. A sprig of crystallized parsley as suggested by Bob and a final touch of ketchup which was really raspberry sauce. Oh… and I forgot about the toast, they were toasted pound cake.

Picture 150

With the mood lights, the cool setup in the toast-mobile, we had 90% of the guest coming to us at the beginning of the event asking us if the bacon was pork or turkey! And when we explained the whole plot, everyone was amazed!

Picture 188

Of course, the “fake” eggs had nothing to do with the high-skilled eggs from Chef Ryan Zimmer, but it sure was a lot of fun ;)

Pretty good looking surreal and fun breakfast ;)

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