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October 22nd, 2010 | Posted by greg in Charity | Daily life...

Like my fellow Chef and friend Andreas alleged right after his speech: “It’s actually a shame we’re doing this only once a year”.

And mind you, it’s not about showcasing chefs, but making a whole bunch of children happy. Indeed, at the occasion of the International Chefs Day, the Hong Kong Chef’s Association came once again together with the two local institution Hong Chi and Fu Hong, both supporting and helping children with intellectual and physical disabilities, to gather a lunch buffet for 500 children. This year, it was held at the Disney Hotel of Disneyland Hong Kong. Chef Rudy and his team welcomed us and each kid went home with one of their favorite Disney toy, but moreover, with their head filled of great memories! Beyond the fun of being all together cooking for this great cause, the reward of having made 500 children day’s was just the greatest feeling.

On that day, I met Evelyn, a young lady that I had the chance to meet during last year’s International Chef’s Day at the Hong Chi Association premises. She honestly speaks better English than I do and while taking some mango pudding, she proudly told me that she’s got a job at one of the restaurant located at the International Finance Center, here in Hong Kong. She is such an high-spirited person that talking with her becomes inspirational. While we all strive to reach a certain materialistic level in society, we often overlook the most simple things that life has to offer, and talking with people like Evelyn was again, a real eye-opener. Other children performed songs, lion dance and games on stage – and that was excellent!

The highlight for the children was when two special guests showed up to help serving the joyful crowd (But I was really waiting to meet the real Buzz Lightyear actually :) )  It was G.E.M, a popular singer in Hong Kong and Vanessa Yeung, an internationally acclaimed model and actress. The children were delighted to have them around and took many (many!) pictures with them! (…and so did we :) )


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