William Pear & Thyme

September 18th, 2010 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

Going along with the season, we’ve received awesome William pears from the French orchards of the Loire valley.

Underneath their fragile skin hides a smooth and juicy flesh delivering that typical William pear fragrance. Yet, when tasting these fruits, remember to do it at room temperature. Cold fruits never render their true features since coldness numb sweetness and some flavors. The same happens when you eat ice cream – while iced it seems not so sweet, but once melted – you feel the guilt! :)

Anyway, back to the William pears… With such defined and sharp qualities, we’ve taken it into a thin baked tart, complimented with a creamy rich thyme ice cream and a little creme Anglaise on the side. We added a little powdered almonds under the pear to catch and retain the precious pear juice while it bakes, but also to keep our pure butter puff pastry crisp after baking. Before baking, we also like to brush the tart nicely with butter giving the pear a great supporting baking element. Once baked, the top of the tart is brushed with a light pear and vanilla glaze not to denature the flavor of the tart. You can see the little black spot of Madagascar vanilla seeds all over the tart. Finally, we’ve topped the ice cream with a little crystallized thyme sprig; with yet another step towards eradicating mint leaves blandly used as garnish :)

“Served warm, this tart is something you will try and it’ll remain etched in memories for long.”

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