The sweet smell of roses…

September 28th, 2010 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

I had the honor to be invited as a judge for the Fronterra/Anchor pastry challenge 2010 (Thank you! :) ). The theme was flowers and each contestant had to do a cake using dairy from the organizing company and of course it had to include flowers. The facilities of the Pokfulam training center were amazing. Chef Andreas showed us around and I was very impressed… truly.

We witnessed some very good initiatives in terms of taste combination that perhaps without the time pressure of a competition would come out as great cake flavors. Overall I was very impressed by the seriousness these talented people displayed.

The organization of the event was flawless and the feedback session we had with each team after the competition was probably my favorite time of the day – and hear me right: nothing about being the supreme being of pastry there – we were all equally passionate pastry people sharing experiences, suggestions and giving constructive feedback. On a funny note I have to admit that I am not usually in love with rose flavor (except the rose jam from Chef Mohammad :) ) but today, the winner from the JW Marriott Hotel used it in a very clean and elegant way.

If any participants happens to read this: Beyond winning or loosing, you guys took this competition the right way. You did your best within a time limit, you’ve learned new things, new limits, new possibilities and most importantly, you ended your day stronger!!

Well done! :)

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