Sollies Figs (AOC)

September 10th, 2010 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

We’ve got absolute decadent AOC black figs from Sollies!! Seriously, don’t tell me you don’t want to bite in this!!

When eating some crops of figs along the year, you might, and rightfully, wonder if eating the fig’s skin is really a good thing or not. And if you’ve never tasted figs before, you might also ask yourself  “Ohhh… so that’s how figs taste like…”

If that happened to you, you’ve got to try the figs from Sollies (France). They’re in full season at the moment and they’re beautiful, as every year. Personally, I just love to eat them just like that – they’re perfect. Indeed, I find it very hard to cook it as it doesn’t make them any justice. You surely could use them in a jam, poached or baked in a clafoutis, but still… don’t be cruel! :)

Lately, we’ve been crazy busy at work with the planning of the year-end festive season. I can only tell you to look out for the upcoming crispy lime dessert we’re doing for Christmas this year. All I could do is slice one fig in half and shoot it over the pieces of dried apricot Mark prepared for our Almond/Apricot sourdough bread. So, I’ll go ahead and just confess to you how I love to prepare these Sollies figs. I like  them as a refreshing and light dessert using the fresh figs cut into segments, a drizzle of virgin olive oil, fresh raspberry halves, candied lemon zest , lemon juice, a pinch of sugar and a few baby herbs. And all of this punctuated by a proper cassis sorbet of course.

Some people like to add some crumbs of fresh goat or sheep cheese – and so do I :)

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