Damascus, I love you!

September 26th, 2010 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

Chef Helal is back with us for 10 days and he is showing us what Syrian food is all about. This time around, he brought with him tools, ingredients, sweets and his bigger-than-life friendly attitude. Chef Helal doesn’t speak a lot of English, but who cares! We don’t need to talk… we cook and we understand eachothers. Amongst other ingredients he brought there was a great tahini and kunafah pastry (what we call shredded phyllo).

For the occasion, we’ve baked a series of special Syrian breads, very similar in dough texture as pita breads and pizza, but Chef Helal brought with him mixes of spices and blend of chilli and tomato making these bread exquisit with his great dips!

There is one point about Syrian food: It looks colorful, lively and it’s all about taste. He also brought with him a pomagranate juice cooked for 6 hours with citric acid, resulting in a dark syrup-like liquid which is very similar to balsamic vinegar. He drizzles it over salad and mezzes… nothing to add!

Chef Helal had a pigeon on his menu and we’ve introduced sous-vide cooking for that dish. He was very happy with the result. Flavors and textures were great!

Below are the photos of that incredible first day – keep posted for the next days!! :)

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