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August 19th, 2010 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

As my friend Arno said in one of his latest interview, us, hotel Pastry Chefs are often left in the unknown of whether we are on the right track or not. We surely get some feedback form our bosses and from some customers, but overall, our interaction with customers is far less than when we were stationed in a single restaurant or boutique, handling a single menus and a few birthday cakes. Obviously when we serve 1000’s of covers daily throughout our massive operations, we which we could get more feedback and interaction.

One talented Pastry Chef, lately dared leaving the comfortable and safe cocoon that are hotel operations.  My friend Tony Wong opened his patisserie not too long ago, and what a good thing he did!

Tastes, design, concept is a personal thing; you either like it or you don’t, that’s up to you, really. I have to say that I like what Tony is doing: It’s simple, clean and tastes good. No pretentious crazy creations, just good patisserie like there should be more around!

But more than the actual pastries, I admire Tony for his endeavors in business. It shows the example to many other equally talented Pastry Chef in town, aspiring to have their very own boutique one day. Tony shows them it’s possible and he’s doing it very well!




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