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August 7th, 2010 | Posted by greg in Daily life...

You’re thinking about preparing a new menu, or perhaps you want to surprise your friends with something different than the good old berries trifle or apple pie (which I love, don’t get me wrong…). Yet, you’re seating in front of your shopping list and it seems like you can’t write anything else other than flour and sugar!

Although you are the most creative human being on Earth, there are days where your mind floats somewhere else than in the kitchen… It has happened to all of us and a little help could surely be handy. As a remedy, some very inventive people at Food Pairing came up with a website where you simply enter the name of your core ingredient and it’ll tell you what matches the flavor, whether savory or sweet. As a chef, I have to say that it is doing a pretty good job and it’s quite helpful, especially when we have special request or unique products coming in our kitchens, it becomes a very good source of inspiration for the flavors we are going to use. There are two main sections on the website: “what fits well with…” and “what can replace…” Their database is huge and ever increasing.

For sure, you end up looking at some weird pairing that might not make most sense to your mind, but hey… why not! :) Want to create a wine pairing menu? They have it all. Choose the type of wine you’re going to serve and it’ll tell you what flavor will match. You can apply the pairings in anything you cook or bake; breads, desserts, cakes… your imagination is the only limit.

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