A little taste of summer at l’Atelier du Gout

August 14th, 2010 | Posted by greg in Classes & Demo

On my way to l’Atelier du Gout this morning, I would have never guessed the quality of fruits I was about to find there.

Beautiful ripe apricots, raspberries, but real raspberries like there is in my Mom’s garden, so fragile that the slightest touch will damage them. (not like some Dri…. brand I will not mention here :) ) Both of these fruits where flown in from France where they are in full season and the cherries were from Washington State (WA) where the weather was more clement than in France who suffered from massive rains and floods resulting in lower quantities available. As well, we had a lot of fresh herbs such as thyme, basil and chervil… I had also arranged a whole bunch of Carambar, the very popular toffees that every kids who grew up in any French speaking European countries will know. I had a few too many when I was young and I still love them! :)


We had a really great crowd (with many familiar faces :)) today and I really enjoyed the class! We were half an hour over the time limit, but who cares when it’s for good food!


The only great shot I could do was after the class is below… it’s all that was left from the cherries! I’m waiting for student’s and l’Atelier’s photos which I think will be far better than mine :) Keep posted!


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