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May 1st, 2010 | Posted by greg in Daily life... | Travel

Vacation at home, in Switzerland, are always about family, friends and food. And unless you’re really sick, there is no way to escape any of my family’s delicious cooking – the problem? Weight. You just keep on gaining weight!! :)

Of course, I was also very happy to join the efforts and for example, I had prepared this great carrot cake. I glazed it with a nice lemon glaze (lemon juice with icing sugar) as it exits from the oven, so with the heat, the icing impregnate the cake and creates a perfect thin layer around the whole cake. Wow!! I just think that lemon icing is more pleasant to eat than the old style heavy cream cheese frosting.

The carrot cake

The carrot cake amongst my mother's beautiful spring tulips...

And since we were eating from morning until night, I had the privilege to eat (every morning) for breakfast my mom’s black cherry jam that she had made last summer with the cherries from our own cherry tree. We had the luck to be there when all the cherry tree were blossoming – it was spectacular as there was quite a lot of cherry trees in the area.

Cherry Jam

My Mom's black cherry jam with our garden's cherry blossom.

I will always miss home’s food, but for the sake of my weight, I am happy to be back in Hong Kong! :)

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